For many people, a Bed & Breakfast is the ideal accommodation option, so it’s not surprising that the B&B culture in New Zealand is thriving. If you’re planning a trip here, we encourage you to consider booking into a B&B for a portion, if not all, of your trip. In today’s post, we’re going to tell you why we think B&Bs are an excellent choice for anyone traveling around New Zealand.

What is a Bed & Breakfast? 
A Bed & Breakfast, commonly referred to as a B&B, is a property that provides short-term accommodation and a tasty breakfast in the morning. In the vast majority of cases, the proprietors own, operate and live in the B&B. You are essentially staying in a home that has been carefully designed to accommodate guests.

Bed and Breakfast in New Zealand

Benefits of staying in a B&B
Because of their unique setup, B&Bs offer several benefits in comparison to other accommodation options. These include:

#1 Unique accommodation
No two B&Bs are alike. Owners of B&Bs take great pride in decorating their guest rooms and common areas. It’s often a labour of love that evolves over many years. Guest rooms are uniquely decorated or themed and common areas are planned to offer maximum comfort while showing off the owners’ design sensibilities. B&Bs typically have outdoors spaces or gardens for guests to enjoy, too.

#2 Local knowledge
When you stay at a B&B, you can benefit from your hosts’ insider knowledge of the area. Hosts are typically more than willing to provide restaurant recommendations, recreational tips and let you in on some “locals only” hangouts. 

#3 - Breakfast is served!
One of the unique features of B&Bs is that breakfast is included in the price. And we’re not talking about a bland continental breakfast either! In most cases, your hosts will prepare a warm breakfast with a delicious variety of treats to start your day. Unlike a hotel, however, the majority of B&Bs do not provide other meals throughout the day.

B&B in New Zealand 

#4 - Off the beaten track
While hotels tend to clump together in the city centre, B&Bs can be found in residential areas or off the beaten track. This provides you with more choices when it comes to booking your stay. There are usually a handful of B&Bs in a city or town centre, so keep an eye out if you’re booking a city break and want to check into a B&B. If you’re looking for a quiet retreat, you’re more likely to find it at a B&B than a busy hotel in the CBD.

#5 - Better bang for buck
While you won’t necessarily save money staying at a B&B (they tend to be on par with local hotels), you can expect to get better value for your money. For an amount that would give you a night at a mediocre hotel, you can enjoy a unique experience on a comfortable bed with a yummy breakfast in the morning.

#6 - Something for everyone
Bed and breakfasts vary dramatically on the type of experience they offer. Some pride themselves on being a romantic retreat, while others focus on a family-friendly experience by the beach. Be sure to ask about the style of the B&B so you can pick the right one for your group!

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to book into a B&B for a few nights while you’re traveling around New Zealand! We’d love to hear about your experience staying at a Bed & Breakfast – use the comments area below to share your stories about B&B’ing around New Zealand with us. 


2439 Fairfield: A Bed and Breakfast by Shreveport Bossier, CC BY 2.0

Rosentorgets bed and breakfast, juli 2014 by Charlotta Wasteson, CC BY 2.0